[sclug] What distro?

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Tue May 9 10:27:48 UTC 2006


> For a beginner, I'd strongly, strongly recommend Ubuntu and Gnome. I wouldn't
> go for Kubuntu; it doesn't have as nearly so much polish as Ubuntu does, and
> the user interface relies heavily on evil unmarked icons. Ubuntu has some
> truly great administration tools --- I've never seen a Linux before where you
> can configure the networking settings via the GUI and *it works* --- and so on.

I agree that ubuntu is more polished (as a distro) than kubuntu
(although the gap is rapidly closing). I switch regularly between
kubuntu, xubuntu (xfce based) and ubuntu (gnome based). You can have
them all installed on one system. I still find kde offers the most
compelling user environment for day to day work - especially if you
come from windows. Here are my top three gnome irritations:

1) Gnomes file dialog is seriously broken if you ask me - it takes
about a gazillion mouse clicks to actually find a file (and for power
users lack of built in network protocols ala ioslaves is a pain).
2) new windows are always stealing focus when you are working in
another window - which makes things very confusing when half the
sentance you just typed doesnt appear because the new window that
stole your focus now has it.
3) There is no launch feedback and applications seem to take a whole
lot longer to start than in kde (my subjective opinion - I havent
timed them). Lack of launch feedback means frequent double launching
of applications - not very newbie friendly!

> If you were to wait about a month, then Ubuntu Dapper will be released.

Yes I agree, wait for dapper (kubuntu) if you can...

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