[sclug] Nvidia and Ubuntu.

Pieter Claassen pieter at claassen.co.uk
Sun May 21 18:15:29 UTC 2006

On Sunday 21 May 2006 18:41, John Stumbles wrote:
> Is it just fluke that if you bother to do the IQ tests on pages that
> pop-up off some web sites they show that you've got prodigiously high
> IQ, then invite you to pay for further tests. I suppose the real
> intelligence test is whether you're smart enough to resist the lure :-0

But then, Mensa has been doing this for years in a very respectable manner. My 
previous wife thought I was an idiot because she couldn't understand me and 
Mensa told her that she was in the top 2% of intellectuals, ergo ....

Actually, what do you do with people who:
a. Quote Carlos Casteneda as a respectable scientific source 
b. People who laugh at people quoting Casteneda?


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