[sclug] Vim Query

Bob Franklin r.c.franklin at reading.ac.uk
Sat May 27 13:10:18 UTC 2006

On Sat, 27 May 2006, Glyn wrote:

> The only problem I have remaining are these pesky @ lines, which I guess 
> are 'empty' lines...

The lines showing as '@' at the bottom of the screen/window show the next 
line is too long to completely fit on the screen; if you scroll down, the 
complete line should appear.

You may like to try 'vimtutor' (just run it from the shell); this starts 
up vim with a file in which is a tutorial; you navigate through it, doing 
the exercises.  It starts with moving the cursor about and gets on to cut 
and paste and so on; 10 or 20 minutes with that will probably help a lot.

For about 5 years of Linux/UNIX, the only thing I knew about vi was 
pressing <Escape> about 10 times, then typing ':q!' <Return>.  Gvim is 
quite a good mix of vi(m) and a desktop, since you can copy and paste 
using the clipboard, but I'm sure some purists will eschew that, along 
with the cursor keys and probably insist you should us 'ed', or maybe even 
sed, head and tail.  :)

   - Bob

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