[sclug] Initialising wireless network interface problem

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 5 14:50:25 UTC 2006

> Just a random thought: some older VIA kit in particular has dodgy 
> ACPI. Have you tried setting pci=noacpi as a kernel parameter, or even 
> acpi=off ?

I've now tried pci=noacpi and so far the symptoms haven' t returned - 
although it's probably too early to tell if it has cured the problem. 
But I'm interested - why should a power management protocol effect 
initialising a wireless network interface, when it doesn't affect the 
conventional ethernet interface, or any other on board or plugged-in 

> 2nd random thought: ... Since ndiswrapper wraps the XP driver (IIRC?)

It does
> I suspect it isn't c). That leaves d). Is there any way to put a few 
> seconds of extra delay between the relevant steps in the boot sequence?

Good question, and those were my initial thoughts too - but I don't know 
enough about 'low level' Linux to be able to tell how this could be 
done. Can anyone tell me? Presumably a simple 'pause for n secs' in the 
startup scripts just before the network interfaces are initialised is 
not what you mean.


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