[sclug] Linux Apprentice Wanted !

Jonathan H N Chin jc254 at newton.cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 5 22:29:28 UTC 2006

alandpearson wrote:
> I have no intention of discriminating against anyone, and anyone is  
> free to forward me their CV for consideration. I've indicated the  
> level of person required (read apprentice Linux bod), that is all.

Then you agree that specifying "recent" graduate was not required.
Great. Then we're agreed.

> Frankly, the 2 on list replies I've received are out of order. You  
> know little to nothing about the position, but you assume that I want  
> some underpaid monkey to shovel coal for us.

No. I assumed you were advertising an entry-level position,
possibly not paying a lot. That's what the ad led me to believe.

That YOU equate that description to "underpaid monkey" speaks

> Oh yeah, and assume the monkey must be between age X and Y.

If we assumed so then it was because of the wording of your ad.
On what other basis could we judge the position?

> It is a great opportunity for a person of ANY age to come on board  
> and learn a lot about enterprise Linux and networks, [...]

Perhaps it is. If so, you could have said precisely that, instead
of expressing a preference for a "recent" graduate, which many
readers will take to mean the opposite.

> I thought I'd be nice and give the local LUGs first hop on this job  
> before it goes out to an agency, especially given the current climate  
> and how hard it can be to get a decent job in the first place. [...]

I can't speak for John, but I replied because I wanted to highlight
the poor wording. It really does come across as discriminatory.
If you don't want to be treated like a duck, don't walk like one.

The reason the legislation exists is because so many people/companies
do discriminate, whether unwittingly or deliberately. I guess you
want to be lumped in with them. If so, go ahead. I've said my piece.

> Frankly, if you're not interested in the job, I don't want to hear  
> your uninformed opinions about my post.

Nobody is perfect but I am sorry you have no desire to learn from
your mistakes. I hope your uninformed opinions on age discrimination
don't come back to bite you.


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