[sclug] Re: sclug Digest, Vol 38, Issue 4

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 6 20:34:20 UTC 2006

> Can a person who graduated long ago not be inexperienced and
> yet able to learn? Is a person who graduated long ago not able
> to communicate efficiently or to have an awareness of principles?

FWIW, I graduated after over 15 years' experience with software 
development (I was originally a structural engineer, and later took a 
degree in Computing at the OU), so it is entirely possible to be a 
recent graduate with considerable experience.

I think that those who suggest that the term 'recent graduate' equates 
in most peoples' minds with 'young' are probably correct. Perhaps it 
would be better to state that degree level academic knowledge and 
minimal experience were expected for the position.

If I may comment on Pieter's remarks, the free market is all very well 
but we are talking about peoples' livelihoods here, so it does need if 
not controlling at least some firm guidance lest perfectly good and able 
people are denied the opportunity to pitch for jobs because some dicks 
equate youth with vigour and the ability to assimilate new information, 
or rather equate age beyond 35 with the opposite.

Those employers who dismiss the more mature should be careful - if they 
are lucky they might find themselves in that position one day. :-)


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