[sclug] Grub and Windows XP

Sean Furey sean-lists-sclug at furey.me.uk
Wed Nov 15 12:36:24 UTC 2006

On Wed, Nov 15, 2006 at 12:25:28PM +0000, John Stumbles wrote:
> >Without even a by-your-leave, Dapper wrote Grub to the MBR
> >of the primary master.  Maybe there was an option along the
> >way which could have stopped it doing that but, if so, it
> >didn't spring out at me and there was no warning it was
> >about to do that.
> If you install from the combined live/install cd it does that. If you 
> use the install-only ('alternate') disk you get the option.
> It _is_ documented on the *ubuntu wibbles ;-)

That this case is documented behaviour doesn't make it acceptable in my
opinion.  A FreeBSD-using colleague of mine was extremely unimpressed
when Ubuntu did this on him without asking.  He was used to Microsoft
doing exactly the same with Windows, but felt that a Linux distribution
should really know better.


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