[sclug] dspam (again)

Darren Davison darren at davisononline.org
Sun Oct 15 11:19:52 UTC 2006

I know this has been discussed to some extent on this list before (not least
by me!) but I'm having enormous difficulty still in getting this to work.

Having re-installed my mail server in the last couple of days (from gentoo
to debian) all the other bits are working fine:

-> postfix -> amavisd -> clamAV -> postfix -> procmail -> maildirs

I've tried following about 5 different tutorials and articles telling how to
get dspam integrated with one or more of those components and failed
miserably.  It concerns me a little that getting something so simple
(message on stdin->program->stdout) requires butchering half of my working
postfix config, so I've given up on that route altogether.

All I want now is for dspam to be called from a recipe in /etc/procmailrc
which is what I used to do with spamassassin.  Can't even get this to work.
The message is always correctly delivered by procmail, but with no X-DSPAM
header added to it.

bacall dspam $ cat /etc/procmailrc

| /usr/bin/dspam --stdout --deliver=innocent,spam

* ^X-DSPAM-Result: spam
# End spam treatment.

So then I tested dspam by passing a spam message to it on stdin from the
shell: I get no errors, but it fails to mark the message either as clean or
spam or anything.  Again, no X-DSPAM header is ever added..

cat spam.msg | dspam --stdout --deliver=innocent,spam

.. simply echoes the message back to me unmolested.

Can anyone please provide a pointer to a sane, simple article that tells how
to make dspam work??

Many thanks,
Darren Davison
Public Key: 0xE855B3EA
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