[sclug] GIF to Video file

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Wed Sep 20 18:58:21 UTC 2006

Bob Franklin wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, Peter Brewer wrote:
>> Anybody know of a Linux program that converts animated GIF's to MPEGs 
>> or AVIs?
> I have a feeling convert does this - give it a pile of inputs as .GIF 
> and output as .AVI and it'll do the business.

Last time I tried to convert a load of jpgs[1] to AVI/MPEG or any other 
movie file format I drew a blank. convert or mplayer (forget which) 
sounded as though it should do it but required a library which seems to 
have vanished from the face of the internet.

If you succeed please post the recipe!

[1] sproggus major's attempts to do a Nick Park with dinky cars and 
plasticene :-)

John Stumbles

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