[sclug] Wireless

Taiyo Rawle taiyo_rawle at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 24 20:49:14 UTC 2006

> 2. I tried to install Suse10, but the partitioner
> part of the installation
> seems to label existing partitions as hde1, hde2
> etc, instead of hda1 hda2
> etc. I was a bit worried that this was the portent
> of doom, so I hastily
> aborted. Can anyone offer a rational explanation of
> why Suse thinks my
> partitions start at 'e'? Is this normal?

Do you have any more IDE controllers in your system? -
Sometimes if you have (for example) a PCI IDE card
then that could be hda,b,c and d so the motherboard
IDE interfaces would start at hde.

Sorry I don't know anything about getting wireless


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