[sclug] Getting rid of duplicate files

Adam John Trickett adam.trickett at iredale.net
Wed Sep 27 21:03:02 UTC 2006

Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi All
> I'm trying to free up space on my hard disk. In particular Im trying to
> get rid of duplicate images that dont have matchine file names. Im using
> md5 in a simple script (next examples done in bash on a mac but need to 
> do the same on linux). I created a list  for all files under my Pictures
> dir:

There are quite a few tools that will do this.


For a list and explanations. Some will just give you a list, some will
offer to remove the dupes and build the hard-links for you, some are
command line, some have GUIs. Some are much faster than others.

 Adam Trickett
  Overton, HANTS, UK

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