[sclug] Getting rid of duplicate files

Jonathan H N Chin jc254 at newton.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 29 15:04:40 UTC 2006

Tim Sutton <tim at linfiniti.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to free up space on my hard disk. In particular Im trying  
> to get rid of duplicate images that dont have matchine file names. [...]

In a slightly different vein from the other suggestions:

Rob Kudla wrote a program called "findimagedupes" that looks for
images that are "similar" to each other. It used to be in debian.

I rewrote it from scratch and my version recently replaced Rob's in
unstable. You can find it in a debian repository near you, or get
the unpackaged version from:


If you use it like:

	find [...] -print0 | findimagedupes -0 -s SCRIPT -- -

it will (eventually) spit out a shell script called "SCRIPT".
Open the script in a text editor and change the VIEW function to do
whatever you like. For example, to open groups of images with your
preferred image viewing program, you might use something like:

		xv -imap -cmap "$@"

Note that the program will almost certainly group some files that
aren't duplicates at all, even if you use --threshold=100.


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