[sclug] World Cafe - London Street

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Aug 3 12:39:43 UTC 2007

Hi Benjamin
Qudos to you!
A big thank you on behalf of all those (including myself) who may use 
it in future!

It would be great to have a pilot meeting or leaflet event there. I 
was there at lunchtime on Thursday, and there were quite a few 
lunchtime customers. If a couple of us met at that sort of time, with 
a table poster, some leaflets, a laptop, and a few free CDs, it would 
be really good. I am more fully busy than most, being retired (! 
:-)) and would be delighted to rearrange things to attend such a meeting.

Is anyone in that area at lunch times?
alan cocks

Benjamin Johnson wrote:
> Hello there,
> the Wireless is indeed free. It's hung off an 8Mb ADSL max premium
> (768k down). Handling the wireless is a Linksys WRT54GL running
> OpenWRT. Which has QOS to handle ACK and ICMP prioritisation and to
> downgrade stuff like bittorrent a little!
> I've routed through a /29 to it so there are public IPs for anything
> fancy like a media streaming source etc.
> DHCP hands out and if anyone wants to self assign use
> between .25 and .50
> Speed wise it gets about 4Mb down due to me having to split out the
> ADSL before the PBX and use a crap spare pair of internal phone wiring
> for the last 100m.
> Oh and yes I installed and pay for it myself, because i love free
> wireless, like the work of RISC (the charity that runs Global) and i
> spend too much time in the cafe.
> Any questions or requests for anything give me a shout. I can also
> sort us out with a meeting room there (wih a big switch in the corner)
> and obviously wireless if we were to have a meet there.
> Cheers, and happy wirelessing,
> Ben
> On 8/2/07, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
>> I visited London Street (Reading) today and dropped into the World
>> Cafe (at the Queens road end). The cafe is very community oriented,
>> and I think is open from 11am until late evening. I discovered it has
>> Wifi, apparently free, and the staff member I chatted to was a
>> supporter of creative commons licenses although had not really heard
>> of Linux much at all. Howver  interest was taken when I offered to get
>> the laptop (dual boot) out to demonstrate, and I also gave a few
>> ubuntu live CDs for their home use. I believe the organisation  - shop
>> and cafe - uses MACs.
>> I began to think that not only would the cafe be a good place for
>> advocacy events, but it could be considered as a location for some
>> group meet ups.
>> (The lunch menu was good too)
>> --
>> alan cocks
>> Kubuntu user#10391
Kubuntu user#10391
Linux user #360648

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