[sclug] Software Freedom Day - Bracknell

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Aug 22 16:49:23 UTC 2007

I have registered an event in Bracknell for SFD 2007 - 15th September. 
This is under the nominal Infopoint name, the one I use at the regular 
local computer fairs.

A (volunteer) donor has kindly covered the significant cost of a 
display space in the Princess Square shopping mall (although any 
donations would I expect be gratefully accepted).

There is also expected to be a (wedding?) fashion event on that day in 
the mall also, so there will be a lot of activity to attract shoppers. 
I hope to be using a display stand courtesy of Canonical.

The location is inside the Mall, and has mains power available - for 
laptop demos if available. There will be a limited quantity of CDs 
from SFD org, possibly from Canonical, however, I will also be burning 
some CDs of the SFD edition of TheOpenCD
  and also Ubuntu.

CDs will be offered free to anyone bold enough to accept. In this 
cynical world, it is a nice skill to prompt sufficient confidence in 
the onlookers that 'Free' software will be accepted.....

Any offers of CD burning would be appreciated, perhaps let me know to 
be in touch as numbers become visible?

The local Cartridge World has kindly offered to print leaflets for me 
(for a leaflet mention).

The display will be 20 meters away from Dixons. Which is nice :-)

The local Waterstones bookshop is just round the corner (200 meters) 
and have a bunch of Linux books - I am offering them the suggestion 
that if they bring these up from the bottom shelf to a more obvious 
display, on that day, they might sell the lot!

As the event is now firming up, it is apparent that as much help as 
possible will be most welcomed. The display in the Mall will be of 
interest to shoppers all day, and is very close to the main open 
shopping areas, which will also be full of windows users crying out 
for information of FOSS and such!

The Council inform me that handing leaflets or CDs out in the main 
shopping areas is no problem, and we would only need to be licenced if 
we were asking for money, or singing, :-) neither of which will happen.

Please see
and specifically:

I would be delighted if you can help in some way, and or offer to 
attend on 15th Sept. for part or all of the day? Do please let me know?

If you can be in Bracknell that day please just come and say hello! It 
is good to have a crowd around looking - it encourages more interest!

alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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