[sclug] OT mobile phones

Alex Butcher lug at assursys.co.uk
Sun Dec 16 02:02:51 UTC 2007

On Sun, 16 Dec 2007, ed wrote:

> Does anyone know of a mobile phone that can cover this sort of
> specification:
> 1) mp3 player >= 4gig (external memory card storage can be considered)
> 2) light weight - would be required for long distance jogging, so not
> too bulky either
> 3) gprs and java midlets (for icq communications - txt messages can get
> expensive)

Sony-Ericsson K800i does all the above, plus 3G too.

> 4) pdf viewer - for reading ebooks

No PDF viewer yet to the best of my knowledge. But there is a nice 3.2MP
digicam and an FM radio.


> Finally pdf would be icing on the cake! Well, that's not true, being
> able to ssh would be the icing on the cake.

MidpSSH <http://www.xk72.com/midpssh/> appears to work on it too.

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