[sclug] OT mobile phones

Simon Champion simon at spudley.com
Mon Dec 17 09:08:13 UTC 2007


I can see the advantages of having them in the same unit (able to switch music off when you get a call, etc), but for myself, I've always been of the opinion that mobile phone and mp3 player should be kept as separate devices.

Why? Because mp3 players suck batteries dry very quickly, and I rely on my mobile phone having power at all times. I'd rather not be caught short without a phone when I really need it just because I've been listening to a bit too much music.

In any case, a half-decent 4gig mp3 player costs next to nothing these days, and they're barely bigger than a memory stick anyway, so it's hardly a problem to carry one as well as a phone.

Anyway, just my twopence-worth. The all-singing (literally!) phones these days can do an awful lot, so I'm sure there are models that can do it all. In fact, isn't there an open-source phone coming on the market some time soon? I presume that'll do pretty much anything you want it to.

All the best,

    Simon C.

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