[sclug] Asus minibook. was Re: Fujitsu

r.s.redknap@reading.ac.uk r.s.redknap
Wed Dec 26 11:01:56 UTC 2007

Seasons Greetings,

The toy shop was sold out, as was PCWorld. On a whim I tried TotCtRd in Ldn 
and picked up MicroAnv's last one, a nice black model as luck had it ('cos 
the white display model in the toy shop looked like Christmas Cracker 
plastic). This black one oozes quality. I really like the screen too. And 
25 secs to boot up, 5 secs to close down is a dream. It's already replaced 
my Win98SE Compaq Deskpro 4000 (almost).

Seems to be debian inside, but I know little more. Still reading the forums 
- v.useful. I want to put gnuplot on it, and i think its possible.

I can use the keyboard nicely. My only complaints so far is the 
touchpad/button sometimes adds a click. I tried a Maplin usb-serial thing 
and it didn't work, but apparently a Belkin one will. There's a modem port 
blocked off, so it must have proper serial hardware inside somewhere I 
guess (setserial is a listed command). I tried a staples 1G usb memory 
stick and a staples SD 1G mem card and they seemed to work OK so far.

It talks to my HP Photosmart 1115 printer, but a bit iffy. 

I haven't used Linux for a few years but I got it connected through my 
Netvigator wireless link easily. It's very easy to use. A minor gripe - 
Thunderbird mail option for 'leave mail on server' is almost off the screen 
and I missed setting it.

Other gripes: Open-Office has an option for leading zeros but it fails to 
work as expected. Have to enter my ISBNs as text. And there's no Garamond 


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