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Robin Lewis goten at squad-wars.com
Mon Jan 8 18:45:46 UTC 2007

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Will Dickson wrote:
> David Given wrote:
>> Also on the subject of recommendations...
>> I've finally got sick of my 14" CRT monitor. I want a 17" flat-screen.
>> Anything in particular I should look for / avoid? Brands,
>> technologies, etc?
>> (I do want TFT vs. LCD, don't I?)
> FWIW, I recently got an Acer 17" for a server (a bit extravagant
> perhaps, but a CRT wouldn't have fit in the wardrobe^Wserver
> cabinet, and this server needs to run X from time to time). Haven't
> used it much so far, but it seems solidly built, the sharpness and
> contrast is at least as good as my main workstn monitor and overall
> I'm very happy with it.
> If it isn't a
> http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=9541&category_id=38&manufacturer_id=0
> then it's almost certainly something very similar.
> FWIW it uses an old-school VGA cable rather than DVI (hmmm - come to
> think of it, doesn't that interconnect spec have some kind of
> objectionable DRM hooks built into it, or am I thinking of something
> else?).
> Pace other people's comments about DVI being clearer (I've never
> used it yet so I can't comment), in my experience the picture
> quality of a VGA interconnect is strongly dependent on the quality
> and length of the cable. If you use the cable which comes with the
> monitor, it's likely to be OK, but if you use extension cables or
> KVMs (esp. non-electronic ones) the picture sharpness degrades
> severely.
> One point which is probably obvious but I'll mention it anyway: do
> make sure that you're happy to run at whatever the new monitor's
> native resolution is. If you need to run at a lower res for whatever
> reason (eg. a game your box is struggling with) the image quality
> will be sucktastic, unlike a CRT which won't care.
> Will.

The DRM connectivity hooks you speak of are likely in HDMI (see HDCP
for further information). AFAIK DVI is just a vanilla digital video
connectivity solution with no copy protection/DRM features builtin.

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