[sclug] SSHD

Martin Summers Martin.Summers at ansys.com
Tue Jan 30 11:43:24 UTC 2007

 Hello David,

I know this may sound daft, but one of my favourite methods is to use
ident service, and then deny it on a firewall outbound from the ssh
server, so that there is often a significant delay before it comes back
with prompting for a password. Preventing reverse dns queries also helps
this, but is more difficult to configure (unless you just configure a
non-existing DNS server in your resolv.conf)

There are tools that can manage this as well.....

I expect that this method will be shot down in flames by fellow
SCLUG'gers as it's a bit unorthodox !


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Hi All,

I am getting a lot of brute force attacks on one of my linux internet
servers. Is there a way I can make the client wait 60 seconds before
allowing them to try and login again?

Anything like this available?

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