[sclug] [Perl] Perl Moungers Techical Meeting?

Adam Trickett adam.trickett at iredale.net
Mon Jun 4 19:29:38 UTC 2007


Sorry for the cross-post.

Last Saturday the London.pm [1] and BBC Backstage [2] organised a one day 
teach-in [3] event up in the London. The meeting was first come-first served 
basis and was very over-subscribed. Afther the event there was a discussion 
on teach-in list that good though the event was, a lot of us didn't know 
about it until it fully booked and even if we did - London isn't 5 minutes 

Anyhow there is apparently an Oxford Perl mongers group, but it turns out to 
be "resting" and someone suggested creating a new group in the Oxford/Reading 
area for Perl. Sometime ago someone suggested a Perl group for the three 
counties of Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey [4] but I didn't get very far 
with it.

If you are interested (and some of you may have received an email already) 
please let me know and I can pass on your email to nascent Thames Valley And 
Vicinity Perl Mongers.

What does this mean for the LUG? Well if it goes well, it may mean you get a 
few more talks on Perl... which must be good for the LUG!

[1] http://london.pm.org/
[2] http://backstage.bbc.co.uk/
[3] http://london.pm.org/teach-in/
[4] http://www.hants.lug.org.uk/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=edit&id=ThreeCountiesPM

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

With ... the fact that Linux has become so easy to install that
certain species of bacteria are now being hired by MIS departments,
what was once the domain of rigorously trained, highly specialised
professionals has devolved into the Dark Land of the Monkeys.
    -- Greg Knauss
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