[sclug] Mod_proxy problems

Dickon Hood sclug at splurge.fluff.org
Wed Jun 13 11:36:50 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 11:53:25 +0100, Peter Brewer wrote:
: I'm having problems with mod_proxy.  

: In some cases I just want to pass a particular subfolder for a domain to a 
: different host on my intranet - in which case the following syntax works 
: fine:

: ProxyPass "/prettyfoldername/" "http://anotherhost.domain.uk/foldernameonserver/"
: ProxyPassReverse "/prettyfoldername/" "http://anotherhost.domain.uk/foldernameonserver/"

: The problems come when I want to pass ALL traffic for a particular domain to a 
: subfolder on a different host.  I had presumed that the following syntax 
: would work:

: ProxyPass "/" "http://anotherhost.domain.uk/foldernameonserver/"
: ProxyPassReverse "/" "http://anotherhost.domain.uk/foldernameonserver/"

Use mod_rewrite and a rewrite rule.  Something akin to:

RewriteEngine on
Rewrite /(.*)$ http://anotherhose.domain.uk/foldernameonserver/$1 [P]

should do it.  Check the flags in the angle brackets; it's been a while
since I last did this.

Dickon Hood

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