[sclug] Wireless router recommendations?

James Wyper jrwyper at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 16 10:12:38 UTC 2007

> What is SpeedBooster and RangeBooster, and do I care? And is there
> any
> functional difference between the VxWorks-based G and the Linux-based
> GL?

I think that [Speed|Range]Booster allows (theoretically) greater
transfer rates and range with compatible cards / firmware - which
probably just means other Linksys ones.  For regular home use, I don't
think you should care, unless your brother's house is very large and/or
has thick walls.

I don't think that there's a functional difference between the two
different versions with the stock Linksys firmware (other than the
VXWorks one might have less internal memory - but does it matter?), but
I'm not an expert.  I'm sure that if there is a substantial difference
the information will be on the internet... ...somewhere.


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