[sclug] Feisty Fawn

John Barron mail at europa.demon.co.uk
Sat May 19 22:59:50 UTC 2007

On Saturday 19 May 2007 21:11:10 Neil Haughton wrote:
> I would love to borrow a copy. Please let me know how.

"borrow" a copy - what an odd expression to see on a Linux mailing list, when 
we're talking about Free/libre software, and reading Mayuresh's comment:
> > You are however encouraged to copy and/ or re-distribute the CDs. 

I presume Mayuresh might have a few official disks from Shipit, from the 
description he gave, you could also visit:
where you can order your own or download it direct. Or if you don't have 
broadband/are limited for bandwidth, and can get to the next SCLUG meeting 
I'm sure someone can bring one or more along for you then. [Note to self: 
recommend at next SCLUG meeting that we make sure we've always got a few 
disks available to give away, we get occasional new visitors who might 
appreciate that].

Hell, if you want a copy and don't have download capacity readily to hand, 
then send me a private email and I'll snail-mail you a copy if you want it 
sooner, I've done that a few times before and no doubt will do in future on 
occasion, provided I don't get inundated with requests.

This weekend I've just been preparing a template for a CD case foldable from a 
a printed A4 sheet, very simple but looks nice and makes an unofficial/CD-R 
copy look more presentable, even if I don't bother with an actual pretty 
label on the disk itself.

Template (Kubuntu) can be found here:
for the moment (might change without notice though!) for anyone interested, 
I've also got something similar for the OpenCD and a generic one with Tux on 
it as well, I create them using Scribus. 

Anyway hope that's of some use to you and anyone else on here :-)
John Barron

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