[sclug] Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.20 upgrade problem.

John Barron mail at europa.demon.co.uk
Sun May 20 20:20:43 UTC 2007

On Sunday 20 May 2007 21:02:46 you wrote:
> On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 20:11:21 +0100, John Barron wrote:
> : Well, not an answer to your question, exactly, but why use the online
> : upgrade facility anyway?
> Because apt is *very* capable of doing it.
> Whilst I would, for most operating systems, thoroughly agree with you that
> upgrade-in-place mechanisms are best avoided, the very nature of apt and
> dpkg makes it an entirely sensible thing to do.  I have taken Debian
> installations four or five versions up the tree (in single steps,
> obviously) without reinstalling; it in the main works well.

Okay ... well I may tend to be a bit over-cautious, I didn't start with a 
Linux background necessarily, though I did fall in love with apt the moment I 
started using it, for obvious reasons.

The other consideration I find is that I quite often skip intermediate upgrade 
steps, especially in these days of regular six-monthly releases, as with 
Ubuntu - and also I sometimes switch systems altogether, so for example I'm 
still running the same /home/ partition that's been from SuSE 9.0 -> Mepis 
before it was Ubuntu -> (K|X)ubuntu Dapper and now Feisty.

Certainly from what I've seen so far I definitely like 7.04 Feisty, Ubuntu 
seems to leap forward from strength to strength with every release.


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