[sclug] Well, *that's* not supposed to happen...

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Thu May 24 16:48:04 UTC 2007

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Will Dickson wrote:
> Anyone have any ideas why this might have happened? AIUI ext3 is 
> supposed to be ultra-reliable, which is why I went for it. All I know 
> is, I never had anything like this from FAT32 :-/

I've never seen ext3 recover properly from a dirty shutdown.

I do know that you have to explicitly enable the journal with tune2fs --- it
doesn't happen automatically when you create the filesystem --- but it doesn't
appear to make any difference; I always end up with fsck errors if it doesn't
get unmounted cleanly. There seems to be no advantage to ext2 (and yes, I have
checked that it's being mounted with the ext3 filesystem instead of ext2).

The fastest and most reliable filesystem I've met so far is reiserfs, but it's
a monster chunk of code and doesn't have a good reputation (a while back there
was a hash collision issue that meant certain combinations of Debian packages
couldn't be installed at the same time, for example. I don't know if this has
been fixed yet). xfs has a good reputation, but is even bigger. These days I
tend to use jfs, which is small, journalled, and appears to Just Work(TM) ---
it doesn't *feel* as fast as ReiserFS, but the benchmarks I've found show that
it's nearly as good in real-world performance.

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