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On Mon, 28 May 2007 13:06:43 +0100
Will Dickson <wrd at glaurung.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> - XFS is fast, but I have read horror stories about what happens if
> it's not shut down cleanly - basically it dies horribly with high
> probability, even though it's journalled. There seems to be some
> consensus that it's good if (and only if) you have a UPS. It is
> conjectured that JFS may have similar issues.

i had an interesting problem that ububtu's kernel would not mount my
xfs vol, even though all the modules where there i never could get to
the bottom of it... a home grown kernel was ok... but i perfer the
ubuntu one as it's regularly maintained.

> - $DAYJOB is in the process of migrating from Reiser3 to ext3,
> partially due to concerns about long-term support for R3 (it's an
> evolutionary cul-de-sac, and the pool of developers is small), and
> also because we agree with Ted T'so that performance is only Job 2
> for a filesystem - data integrity takes precedence.

i agree, it's better to be on ext3 than r3, but because it's more of a
de facto. network filesystems should focus on performance for obvious
reasons though. integrity is probably maintained by tcp in this case.

> - Although I haven't done any proper tests, ext3 with data=ordered
> doesn't feel any slower than R3, and in one case is much faster: for
> some reason, XMMS used to block for several seconds while reading my
> music directory, which was odd 'cos it's not *that* big. I changed the
> filesystem to ext3, and it doesn't block any more.

i personally found reiser to be nice and quick, back in the ext2 days,
but of late, i dont think there is much performance difference between
ext3 and the others. there is a good performance doc on linuxgazette
somewhere though if you're interested.

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