[sclug] Cheap Tesco PC's (with Ubuntu Pre-Installed)

Luke lukehinds at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 15:37:08 UTC 2007

David Given wrote:
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> Luke wrote:
>> Apologies in advance if you have already stumbled across this;
> This looks like a ePC326M, possibly aka EPC-S709001:
> http://www.esysglobal.com/contents/products/epc-with-linux.html
> http://www.ebuyer.com/product/128595
> There's practically no information available as to what they are. Crucial's
> memory finder can't even figure out what kind of memory it takes. ESys is
> based in India, and don't seem to sell to normal humans, and so don't really
> have a product catalogue.
> The Ebuyer reviewers (probably sock puppets) seem to like it. They say it's
> very quiet, which is good. My elderly Shuttle is rather loud and slow and is
> annoying me more and more as time passes; if anyone actually gets one of
> these, I'd be interested to know what they actually are. (Graphics adaptor?
> Memory?)
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I am contemplating getting one for my GF's mother. She has an age old 
Win98 machine which is creaking at the seams.

I told her that the Operating system will be different - but this did 
not vex her, she is more concerned about being able to play Solitaire 
and being able to type up work reports.

Is there a GNU version of Solitaire kicking around?

BR / Luke

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