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Software Freedom Day - News (Bracknell)
(posted to HansLUG list and SurreyLUG list)

I have sent press releases to local newspapers and this has born some
We have had a very good press mention in a local free paper - it goes
to all houses  :-) I quote below verbatim (also will send to the hants
LUG and Surrey LUG who are also supporting)

Verbatum from Bracknell local Free newspaper, (2nd news page)(includes 
typos and
somewhat amusing press editing, 'such as windows....')
Standard, Thursday August 30 2007
'Freedom from software day'

BRACKNELL: A group of volunteers will be hitting the streets next
month to promote the importance of software freedom.
A special stall in Princess Square will be set up on Saturday,
September 15, to mark the fourth annual Software Freedom Day (SFD).
Organised  by non-profit company Software Freedom International, the
worldwide event will see volunteer teams from more than 100 countries
organising local events to highlight the benefits of Free and Open
Source Software (FOSS), such as Windows.
Visitors to the stall will be able to chat to volunteers and watch
demonstrations on state-of-the-art packages as well as getting their
hands on free software CDs.
All SFD events aim to promote the importance of allowing non profit
organisations such as libraries and schools to use software without
the restrictions and costs imposed by proprietary software licensing.
Local volunteer Alan Cocks said' The Bracknell event is one of over
290 events worldwide aimed at 'bringing software freedom to a street
near you'
'Volunteer from nearby counties Hampshire and Surrey will also be here
to contribute'
For more information on the event call Alan Cocks on (01344) 421252 or
email aeclist at candt.waitrose.com

If you are able to assist and have not yet contacted me - you will be very
   welcome, please get in touch?
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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