[sclug] SCLUG competition!!! Free computers and beer!!!

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Mon Apr 7 15:59:55 UTC 2008

How about a competition?

In no less than one word describe an interesting and imaginative use for 
a low spec Linux box with 3 X 100mb network cards.

If my memory serves me correctly it's a 800mhz AMD on a 
everything-on-board motherboard (VGA, sound, one of the LANs) 40GB hard 
drive, serial, ppt, no floppy, old 20 X CD drive, I think it has USB or 
I might have used a PCI USB card I can't remember. This box isn't new, 
but with our favourite OS it can do atleast a million different things 
at a decent speed.

The prizes:

The most insane project idea wins the box! Yes a complete x86 box of joy 
totally for free!
If there are more than one stunning idea I may give away a second box of 
similar spec.
Anyone that comes up with a unique project that genuinely uses all three 
network cards wins a drink!
Anyone that guess's all five of the projects I have used it for in the 
past wins two drinks!

Send your entries to the list and we will argue over the results on 
Wednesday over an ale (ale festival is on at JDW)


ps. please bear in mind the box isn't PAT tested and I take no 
responsability if it kills you etc but I will take the WEEE 
responsability and I will dispose of it properly if you don't want it 
anymore (or give it away again if it still works)

Simon Heywood wrote:
> The next meeting of the SCLUG will be at the Back of Beyond pub in 
> King's Road, Reading, at 19:30 this Wednesday.
> See http://www.sclug.org.uk/ for directions.

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