[sclug] Domain registration

Simon Champion simon at spudley.com
Tue Apr 8 16:40:10 UTC 2008

John Stumbles wrote:
> Anyone recommend 'proper people'[1] to register domains with? UKFSN's 
> online registration has been broken since Friday and they're not 
> responding to email or voice, Bytemark (mentioned by Philip) only do 
> registrations for hosting customers, and RapidSwitch don't seem to do 
> registrations at all.

I work for an ISP and we'd be very happy to register your domains for you.  ;-)

Whether you consider us "proper people" or not.... well, they let us choose our OS for our desktops, and almost all of us technical staff use one or other Linux distro.

Which is nice.

Anyway don't know whether that meets your properness criteria or not (and sorry if it sounded like a sales pitch... :-z  .... not that it's about the money -- when it comes to plain old domain registration, there's not a huge amount to be made anyway)

The site is www.skymarket.co.uk, if you're interested.

Have fun!

   Simon C.

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