[sclug] Cheap'n'nasty Tesco Linux machines

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Wed Apr 9 12:43:09 UTC 2008

Philip Hands wrote:
> I'm not saying that you should spend your time worrying about it, but
> you should not be surprised if you get a reaction when you make poorly
> justified statements about what licenses or other technical terms mean.
I will happily admit to being a complete amatuer when it comes to 
discussing legal issue with regard to ownership of code, trademarks, 
patents, etc.

I am thankful someone is looking after these issues to keep the man from 
beating at my door asking for money for things I thought were free.

I will now stay out of it and stick to discussing using the software as 
that is my speciality. All the code I have written and distrubuted 
before was either donated to a project who can licence it how they 
choose or posted up publicly on the web with a "do what you like with 
it" licence. If I even write a bigger project I will seek advise on 


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