[sclug] things missing from Linux...

Jason Rivers jason.rivers at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 22:17:07 UTC 2008

Hi all.

I'm a big fan of Verity Stob, I've read almost every column of hers that I
could find, I find them very witty and entertaining.

in her most recent post on The Register - Mostly about the latest virus that
has emerged out of Redmond, she goes over a few things that windows has and
Linux have failed to copy....

here is the list, I hope it makes you all snigger and laugh like it did me.

   - That silly animation that runs while Windows is copying a file,
   together with its wild estimations of time to complete: 30 seconds
   remaining, 2 minutes, 9 minutes, 25 minutes, 37 minutes, 30 seconds.
   - The registry
   - Virus checking software
   - The window that comes up when a program crashes and sends the crash
   dump to Redmond, to give them a much needed laugh. Linux programs instead
   lay a small binary turd file in situ. After a while you end up with quite a
   large collection of these, decorating your directories.
   - Automatic updates fixing vulnerabilities in Outlook Express. Who
   uses Outlook Express these days? Why?
   - Windows genuine disadvantage
   - The Windows pause, by which I mean that increasingly prevalent
   nothing-happening-for-no-reason delay that intrudes between the user poking
   and the software flinching.


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