[sclug] My disk esplode

Derek M Jones derek at knosof.co.uk
Mon Apr 14 23:26:56 UTC 2008


> At this point I needed to take an image of the hard disk. dd would not
> work, because dd doesn't handle I/O errors appropriately. Luckily, there
> are two tools that do do this: dd_rescue and ddrescue (these are
> *different*); they're in Debian packages ddrescue and gddrescue

Thanks for pointing me at these tools.

There is even a dd for Windows these days :-)

Last week I had a memory module fail (after 2.5 years of use).
Corsair have a lifetime warranty and they are replacing it.
Only problem is the round trip goes via the west coast, so the
replacements (its part of a matched pair) will take a while to
arrive :-(

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