[sclug] Help! with Ubuntu 8.04 (cont)

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 27 13:03:26 UTC 2008

Okay, with all the help (thanks Alex, David, Will) I'm making progress.
I have my data partition back (it was libata after all, and the hd
devices are now sd devices. Easy to deal with once I had been pointed in
the right direction - and yes I have also straightened out the mounting
and symlinks to something more sensible too: /mnt/sda5 mounts /dev/sda5.
Neat, huh? :-)

BUT: vol_id /dev/sda5 gives:

 sudo vol_id /dev/sda5

As you can see, no UUID. If I want to 'fit in' by using a UUID to be
consistent, what do I do to give it one? Is it worth it?

My next big task is to get the wireless adapter (Netgear WG311v3)
working - it was fine in 7.10, but now wireless is well and truly
broken. I've been through all the Ubuntu docs on this subject with no
success. The best I got to was 'wlan0 is ready' in the messages log but
it still didn't work - couldn't even ping my router even though it could
be found by scanning. I have now done a clean install of 8.04 (that's
where my data partition came in really useful to avoid having to do
endless back/restores of my data), but my wireless card hasn't even been
detected. Should it really still be this hard to get wireless working
release after release? It hurts and worries me to say this, but this is
one (perhaps the only one?) area where Window XP is miles ahead in terms
of the user experience.

I can see that ReiserFS perhaps wasn't the best choice of FS. If I copy
it to another drive, use the partitioner to change the fs to say jfs,
then copy everything back, that should be okay, shouldn't it?





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