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On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 21:59:57 +0100
Dickon Hood <sclug at splurge.fluff.org> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 21:38:34 +0100, ed wrote:
> [ReiserFS]
> : It is a good file system,
> No.  It isn't.  Good filesystems should *never* lose data, and should
> certainly never utterly screw themselves when running the recovery
> tool over them when the filesystem happens to contain a file
> containing a filesystem image.  ReiserFS will do this.  This is a
> fundamental failure.
> I have no idea how many filesystems I have in files scattered around
> my discs, but there are probably a few ReiserFS ones somewhere.  On
> ReiserFS I'd be worried: the mere presence of those objects could
> trash the host filesystem they live in.  If XFS or ext[23] had the
> same problem, I'd not be running them, either.

At the time I'd never had a need for that on the servers. Back in
2004-ish reiser and xfs worked well for the job it was doing. Didn't
have any complaints with either, but as time progressed I moved away
from these to just using ext3 as its just more convenient.

> : and compared to ext2 I found it very capable.
> : However, I also find that XFS and ext3 are capable too. XFS is
> designed : around very large files - so it's ideal if you have lots
> of MP3/MPG/WAV : files, which can become very large (some might point
> out that txt files : can be very large also ... what's in a name?).
> I have some transport streams that work out to about 60GB; I use ZFS
> for those :-)

ZFS, yes, that's another gap in my knowledge, just like dtrace, but
some day I'll get around to putting those in the reading list.

> : There is a good overview of the properties of file systems with nice
> : graphs here:
> : http://linuxgazette.net/122/piszcz.html
> Seems to be timing out for me.

I dunno what's up with that site at the moment, but here's the UK
mirror of the same article.


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