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Derek M Jones <derek at knosof.co.uk> wrote:

> All,
> I have just found out why I am not getting the full
> 4M download speed from Virgin Media.  My Cable modem,
> a 3Com CMX is only rated to 3M.  I have had it for
> almost 10 years, so I cannot complain.
> I have looked at various newer models.  But I see from
> the Virginmedia site that only certain models are
> approved.  I know that new customers get a small cable
> modem box from Virgin, my sister has one.
> The Virgin boxes provide a USB port, not an ethernet port.
> Does anybody know what speed the Virgin boxes are rated (ie,
> will they go up to the 20M currently being touted)?
> If I buy a new cable modem is it a simple matter of connecting
> ti, or will Virgin want to know its MAC address (and is it a
> hassle to get them to update the information)?

Chances are NTL/VirginMedia have been charging you the rental on the
modem for some time, so they should have sent you one.

My friend paid a huge sum, something like 400quid about 8 years ago for
a Terayon? modem. It paid for it self after a few years, but finally
they announced they would no longer allow privately owned modems and
everyone has to rent at which point they provided the modem.

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