[sclug] Program auto start

XTC xtcnews at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 18:16:52 UTC 2008

Many thanks for the help, the info I had first was from another linux forum sadly sometimes people assume yu ae brighter than you are and only give half the info. a little like following a road sign for miles just to find at a crossroads theplace disapears off them.

Anway the solution you gave worked well. I am not looking to remote control the compthrough a vnc session, it was just to start the pidgin program so I can chat with the guy sat at the computer, Yes I know I could ring him but its more fun this way and a learning excersise...

I had realised that I had put the gnomesetup in the wrong bin and moved itto the home dir but your added lines in the bas_profile made it work

Many thanks once againI will post the solution to the other forum so it may help someone else


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