[sclug] ubuntu runlevels from grub

Dickon Hood sclug at splurge.fluff.org
Fri Feb 1 20:47:44 UTC 2008

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 20:15:42 +0000, Tom Carbert-Allen wrote:
: well it seems the message i sent earlier (see below) was from my other 
: account so wasn't accepted to the list (???) but i have solved the 
: problem now anyway.

: I wrote some scripts I wanted to fire off from the grub menu by using 
: the old way of passing a runlevel number at the end of the line, but it 
: appears upstart (the replacement for init) only detects "single" or 
: defaults to runlevel2 (2-5 look the same to me on server anyway, and 
: even have a comment they are only there for compatability)

Umm.  I cannot for the life of me think why on earth you'd ever want to do
such a thing.

Can you enlighten me as to what you're doing this for?  It all seems
horribly odd to me.

: After banging my head against the wall trying to figure it out I 
: realised the above about upstart ignoring runlevels. I considered fixing 
: it up pushing it upstream but being friday night i'm not writing 
: polished enough code for that.... So instead i just stuck my script in 
: runlevel 2, cat /proc/cmdline, look for my triggers (which are now words 
: rather than single digit runlevels) and case to fire off the stuf i 
: want. Much better solution.
: Previous message:
: I feel like i've gone stupid,
: In the past I have setup init based machine where I simply pass a 
: runlevel to the kernel by adding the number on the end of the grub 
: kernel line, so I can fire off an automated process from grub with a 
: reboot at the end and return to my main interactive runlevel.
: I have just tried this with Ubuntu running 2.6.20-15-server defualt 
: kernel and it seems to totally ignore it no matter what I do. What am I 
: doing wrong? Does upstart need sending the signal in a different way?
: I have looked around on the web a bit but all the hits seem to be about 
: people wanting to turn X on or off and the replies are always to change 
: the default runlevel.
: Thanks for your comments,
: TCA - slowly converting to Ubuntu.....

Dickon Hood

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