[sclug] OT: hardware issue

Andy Hayward ach at buteo.org
Thu Jan 10 13:47:57 UTC 2008

On 10/01/2008, Darren Davison <darren at davisononline.org> wrote:
> The only thing I can think of now is some fault with the PSU - supplying
> incorrect voltage/power, or a dodgy power cable from the PSU to the
> board.  Am I likely to be in the ballpark?  I just can't think of
> anything logical that explains all of the above symptoms and I'm getting
> a bit hacked off at replacing expensive components without better
> confidence that it's likely to fix it.

How old is the machine? Any older than a couple of years and I would
definitely suspect the PSU.

Does the machine work 'better' (for some values of 'better') if you
leave it off for a day or so?

-- ach

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