[sclug] Linux on Sony VAIO laptop

Bob Dunlop bob.dunlop at xyzzy.org.uk
Mon Jan 21 08:33:56 UTC 2008


On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, Pierro wrote:
> I am new to linux operating systems and I want to put xubuntu on my sony
> vaio which is about seven years old. For me this is a question of 
> confidence

Been there, done that, about 8 years ago.
It was quite tricky when the machine was brand new and unknown as you
might gather from the page.  However the fact that I havn't updated 
the page since 2001 is because since then all major distros I've tried
have "just worked"(tm).

As for dual boot setup I can't help having never booted Windows on the
machine even when it was brand new from the shop.  I'm sure plenty of
others can help.  Backup everything in sight before you start.

        Bob Dunlop

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