[sclug] Ubuntu Demo Day in Swindon, 26th April

Simon Huggins huggie at earth.li
Sun Jan 27 22:43:49 UTC 2008

A long way in the future but some of you might be interested...

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Ubuntu Demo Day, Swindon

We'll be holding an Ubuntu Demo Day at the Museum of Computing in
Swindon (Oakfield Campus, Marlowe Avenue) from 10am till 4pm on Saturday
26 April. This will be an opportunity to meet other users, gaze lovingly
into each others desktops, talk to potential users, and of course visit
the Museum.

Local publicity will be aimed at telling people about Ubuntu, allowing
them to try it out on the demo machines, and giving out liveCDs. We'll
also have screencasts and videos running on a large-screen projector.

This event will be free, and there is plenty of free on-site parking.
There are plenty of alternative activities nearby for partners and
families, including children's activities, shopping, and outdoor
activities. A "partners and families" leaflet will be available on-line
soon, if you'd like a copy now please contact me.

If anyone would like to help at this event, please contact me - our main
need will be for experienced users to talk to non-users and answer their

Thank you,

Dianne Reuby (Ubuntu User #12867)
Collections Manager
Museum of Computing @ Swindon

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