[sclug] Computer Supplies from Novatech

Ian Park ian at chalmers-park.name
Thu Jan 31 20:08:16 UTC 2008

Mike Mallett wrote:
> http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/readingstore.html
> Apparently they have just opened a store in Reading - and will supply PCs
> without an OS.
Interesting; I'm on the lookout for a high-spec laptop (particularly 
with a high resolution screen, 1680 x 1050 or better, dual core 
processor, 4GB RAM, at least 160GB HD, ...), and Novatech's high end 
offering looks competitive. I'm also aware of Vadim 
(http://www.vadim.co.uk/), who offer a pretty high spec laptop with no 
OS, but on paper the spec looks lower than the Novatech X80r pro, and 
the price is rather higher.

I've done some scratching around on the web, but I haven't found any 
other supplier who offers a machine of the spec I'm looking for without 
an OS; has anyone found any other likely candidates besides those two? 
As always, thanks for any pointers.

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