[sclug] Quiet PSU recommendations

Andy Hayward ach at buteo.org
Thu Jul 3 15:24:47 UTC 2008

2008/7/3 Matt Dainty <matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com>:
> It'll be a long long time before I buy another Antec PSU. All of the
> ones I've bought have failed eventually. I can't remember the exact
> models, but they were all Truepower ones, two ATX ones rated at
> something like 450-550w, and an EPS one rated at something like
> 650-700w, so they were all quite beefy (and not terribly cheap either).

Anecdotal evidence, so let me add mine: These two Antec PSUs were
bought to replace a couple of Enermax PSUs (same wattage rating, 400W)
that both failed with 4 months. The Antec PSUs have now been running
for 2.5yrs without issues.

For any named manufacturer you're going to find examples of product
ranges that had quality problems: Gigabyte motherboards with duff
caps, IBM GXP80 Deskstars, Maxtor DiamondMax +8 drives, etc. Making a
unilateral decision not to purchase from a manufacturer because one
product range had issues seems a little unwise to me.


-- ach

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