[sclug] Thunderbird problems

n.a.haughton@bigfoot.com haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 7 19:52:05 UTC 2008

Can anyone help with a Thunderbird 2 problem (Ubuntu 7.10)?

It's all been working sweetly for a long time; I was using POP to get mail
from my googlemail account, then I changed to IMAP a few months ago and that
was fine too until recently. Last week Thunderbird stopped dead in its
tracks and now refuses to send or collect anything - I just get the
revolving icon cursor. I can prepare new mail, read existing, search and all
that, but no send/receive capability. There's nothing relevant I can see in
the usual logs, my browser and broadband connection work normally, and
changing it back to POP at both ends makes no difference. Removing and
reinstalling Thunderbird has no effect. As far as I am aware I am fully
patched with the latest Ubuntu updates, and googling for information has
yielded nothing of interest.

Lastly, I haven't changed any email account settings at either end, apart
from switching from IMAP to POP this evening to see if it made a difference.
It didn't.

There is something else that may be related. Last week Synaptic started
behaving strangely - after I have selected packages for download it
challenges me for my password, but when I click OK the password dialog
appears to freeze instead of letting me watch the progress of the
download/install process. The download/install process goes on in the
background while I stare at a frozen 'enter password' dialog. Only when the
download/install process has completed in the background, does the password
dialog close. This isn't the 'normal' Synaptic behaviour which used let me
select packages, then  challenge, then close the dialog and download/install
the packages, as you would expect to happen.

Has anyone any ideas on what may be going on? It all seems a little bizarre.



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