[sclug] sclug Digest, Vol 58, Issue 7

n.a.haughton@bigfoot.com haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 15 19:54:49 UTC 2008

2008/7/11 John Stumbles <sclug at yaph.org.uk>:

> n.a.haughton at bigfoot.com wrote:
>  Well I tried, but that got no results either....
> You're not on a Debian system you've upgraded just before this went wrong,
> are you? I'm thinking SSL authentication problems, keys, Debian's broken SSH
> (SSL?) implementation which was fixed in a update a few weeks back, I had to
> regenrate my SSH keys to log into a remote server again.
> I know this is not a logical analysis (it's past bedtime :-)) but you never
> know ...
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I've made a step forward - I think. I started Pidgin this evening and it
reported that it couldn't connect to my MSN account because there was no SSL
support.  That jogged my memory, and I remember a short while ago messing
about with digital signatures and so on, which I think involved installing
something SSL-y. I've reinstalled all the OpenSSL stuff (no change), but I'm
at a loss how to fix this. What are the default SSL libraries that Ubuntu
7.10 uses?

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