[sclug] Simple WYSIWYG HTML editor?

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Mon Mar 3 17:28:01 UTC 2008

Adam Trickett wrote:
> On Monday 03 Mar 2008, John Stumbles wrote:

> Actually modern xhtml is very simple, most of the nasty things added to html 
> have been removed/depractaed and the xml rules make xhtml easier to work with 
> as there are no ambiguities anymore. If you could do good html from 2.0 era 
> then you probably know enough html, all the fancy stuff is in the css and the 
> scripting.

Any good learning sites you could recommend?

>> As I said, I just want a simple no-nonsense tool. Like there used to be
>> many years ago[1] for writing nicely structured non-HTML[2] docs where
>> you typed away and if you wanted to fiddle with the markup there was a
>> 'show codes' function[3]
> Try Quanta+ or Bluefish, they are both in the main Debian repositories. I'm 
> not 100% convinced that they are perfect, but they aren't that bad. Quanta+ 
> gets rave reviews but I don't think it's that good.

Quanta didn't seem to have a way of showing me the rendered text (only 
the raw markup). Am I missing something?

John Stumbles

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