[sclug] Cheap'n'nasty Tesco Linux machines

Phillip Chandler phillip.chandler at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 11 14:44:29 UTC 2008

I suppose you could read it that way, if you wanted to split hairs. But
unfortunately looking at the subject line and reading it "as-is" does
tend to state that Tescos are selling cheap, crappy, naff, low spec
machines with linux on them.

And who cares if their low spec. 2.66 ghz is actually  a good speed for
a standard box for the average joe home user, especially for linux.
Memory is low, but then all you have to do is google, buy memory for a
good price online, and double it. But then Linux will run great for the
amount of memory it has (256mb). Im running a dell inspiron 1200, 1.3
ghz, with 512mb ram, 80 gig hdd, dual boot win xp and ubuntu 7.10 and it
runs pretty darn good.

And yes your right, 80 gig hdd is probably small for todays computing.
But its a case of whether you can install a secondary hdd, if its a mini
tower case, or if you'd have to upgrade if its a desktop.

You have to remember that linux isnt as resource hungry as windows,
especially if you turn off compiz, it can out perform windows for the
standard stuff like email, surfing and writing some letters.

On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 14:11 +0000, James Wyper wrote:
> > The linux community harps on about getting linux "In the
> > face"
> > of the general public, and getting publicity, but when they start to
> > get
> > it, the linux guys start whinging about who they do or dont want
> > connected with selling linux boxes.
> > 
> My reading of the OP was that the *machines* (not Tesco) were being
> described as "cheap and nasty" which I thought was fair comment given
> their low spec (& price).  Personally I think it's a good thing that
> Linux is being sold through Tesco.  All credit to them (and, by the
> way, I happen to work for one of their competitors).
> James.
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