[sclug] Cheap'n'nasty Tesco Linux machines

Pete hallpeter at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 14 09:14:01 UTC 2008

 --- Phillip Chandler <phillip.chandler at ntlworld.com>
> I was a bit miffed with the 2nd machine being ?50
> more for a 1.9ghz
> speed and 512mb ram where as the ?139.93 is 2.66ghz
> speed and only 256mb
> ram ? Is this a typo on their part ?

I know that AMD GHz and Intel GHz do not directly
align, but it might be a typo anyway. The ?190 box has
a AMD 3600 Athlon 64 in it, which I would expect to
outperform a 2.66 GHz Celeron. Substantially.

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