[sclug] Cheap'n'nasty Tesco Linux machines

Pete hallpeter at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 14 10:00:34 UTC 2008

 --- Phillip Chandler <phillip.chandler at ntlworld.com>
> So my thinking here is that when they advertise a
> machine as dual core
> with a speed of "X" which is based on both cores
> working, then
> technically if your only going to be a home user (as
> described above)
> then in my mind your not going to be getting the
> speed stated, your only
> going to get the speed of one core, ie half the
> speed.

Ish. If we take a single-core processor that is rated
at X GHz, and a dual-core processor that is rated at X
GHz, and then give them the same unparallelised task
to perform, then they'll do it in the same amount of

However, if we give them a task that has been designed
to make the most of multiple cores/processors then the
dual-core will do it faster. Not quite twice as fast,
but in that ballpark.

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