[sclug] Wireless Routers & Linux Firewalls

Phillip Chandler phillip.chandler at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 15 21:00:55 UTC 2008

Changing the subject to something new.

I have a p3 setup as a firewall with Clarkconnect 4.2 with an 8 port hub
for the machines on the network. Im with Virgin, well NTL really but now

What Im interested in doing is adding a wireless in the place of the
hub. And Im trying to get my head around setting up the IP addresses. I
wanted to run my thinking past you chaps to see if I have a basic
understanding of what I need to do.

The firewall to modem Eth0 is set to dynamic, and is given the IP
address wen the modem connects.

The firewall has a static ip address of

A range of address from to is defined so that
the machines on the lan can pick their IP address.

If I was to connect the wireless router (or any router) it would have a
default IP address of (?????)

So would I have to do the following ?

Connect up the wireless to the modem,
Log in to the wireless and change the IP address to
Power down everything, reconnect the modem to the firewall,
Connect the wireless router in place of the hub,
Log on to the firewall using the pre defined IP and
change the range of addresses by adding 1 to the start, so they would
then be to

Your probably asking why I want the router to be on the Green eth1 side
of the firewall. Its a habit of security that I have. My partner is
confident enough on her PC using Win XP, so I want her behind the linux
firewall for added security. I tend to work via wired when Im home. But
Id like the option of having wireless if needed.

And if possible Id disable the wireless part,only switching it on when I
want to go work out in the garden, on one of those lovely hot sunny days
I know we're going to get soon.

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